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How Morissette remains positive despite the challenges in life | Positivitrix

How can you remain positive despite the challenges in life?

My wish is to be no. 1 but there’s a voice inside saying it’s...

Want to know how your wishes can stop conflicting with your internal "demons"?

My MIRACLE- I don’t talk about this often but I think you should know...

Whatever journey you are in right now, I am sure this story I will be sharing is meant to keep you going.

I interviewed singer Morissette Amon and this is what we talked about | Positivitrix

For the past 2 weeks, I have been interviewing Filipino pride newsmakers- celebrities, artists, innovators, and the likes, for GoodNewsPilipinas.com. :)

Filipino Pride Newsmakers in spotlight on Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube

The official YouTube channel of GoodNewsPilipinas.com - the news and information website that celebrates the good in Filipinos and the Philippines - will premiere its fresh video content on Monday, February 14, 2022.

Free webinar shares tips on fact-checking science news and information online

The need for fact-checking science news and information online became a focal point in the free webinar "Science, Technology, and Innovation Journalism in the 4th Industrial Revolution" held to mark World Press Freedom Day.

46th International Bamboo Organ Festival partners with GoodNewsPilipinas.com

Since the completed restoration of the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ in 1975, the Philippines has been celebrating the gift of this instrument to the southern city in Manila by holding the International Bamboo Organ Festival.

Liter of Light partners with Good News Pilipinas to challenge Filipinos to Light it...

Global solar lighting champion Liter of Light has partnered with the Filipino Pride advocacy group GoodNewsPilipinas.com to challenge Filipinos to Light it Forward and provide solar lights to communities with limited or no access to electricity.

Good Light Message of Hope campaign of Good News Pilipinas, Liter of Light shines...

The Good Light Message of Hope social campaign of GoodNewsPilipinas.com and the Liter of Light went on television to shine the light for CNN Philippines.
Good News Pilipinas Basketball Team

Team GoodNewsPilipinas.com makes history wins Singapore Basketball Tournament

GoodNewsPilipinas.com-Lutong Pinoy claimed its first-ever basketball title after edging past the Titans 80-79 in a winner-take-all game to seize the 2019 Grandeur Basketball Championship Season 3 Crown at the Stamford International School Jefferson Gymnasium...

In Photos: Celebrity Filipino Pride Advocates to Watch on GoodNewsPilipinas.com

What is the source of your Filipino pride? These celebrity artists see the good in the Filipino and the Philippines and want you to see what they see - a country of achievers, of excellent...

Jollibee, Iza Calzado, Kathryn Bernardo, & more! | Good News Pilipinas! TV Week In...

Good News Pilipinas! TV Week in Review presents 5 Filipino Pride stories of Pinoy triumphs, positive action, and inspirations with happy Filipinos and Jollibee challenging U.S. fried chicken chains. We also have Iza Calzado and...
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