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5 Things You Should Never Do When You Have Money

Money isn't everything but it sure means something. Having money simply means that you can afford to buy what others can’t.
Chinky Tan

Money Can Be A Peace Stealer

Are you a worrier? Do you worry about money? About your family and future? If you do, you’re not alone. I also used to worry a lot. I can still remember when I didn’t have enough money to...
Chinky Tan

Never Punish Yourself for Your Mistakes

Have you done something you deeply regret? Bought something in a sale but never use it at all? Went into a business deal and lost money instead of making money.
Chinky Tan

Why Do Some People Work So Hard Yet Never Reach Their Dreams?

Are you always working overtime but still not getting enough salary? Or maybe you have a lot of sideline work, but still you can’t seem to pay off your debts.
Chinky Tan

Is Busyness The Key to Success?

One of the most frequently asked questions I received from my speaking engagement is, “How can I become successful in life?”
Chinky Tan

How To Say ‘No’ to Relatives Who Borrow

Do you have relatives who are always asking to borrow money from you? Lending money is okay, if the borrower knows how to pay it back.
Chinky Tan

4 Reasons Why The Rich Get Richer

Let us get right to the point. I believe that they are doing something which ordinary people are not doing. They do not only do it once, but they do it consistently.
Chinky Tan

How to Know If You Have a True Friend?

Let’s say you were suddenly promoted, or you have a new gadget, or perhaps something really good happened to you.
Chinky Tan

How to Deal with an Abusive Spouse (Physical or Verbal)

Is your spouse physically hurting you? Or telling you hurtful things? Do you feel abused physically or even verbally by your spouse?
Chinky Tan

Do You Know of People Who Are Not Friendly But User-Friendly?

In your place of business or work, you cannot avoid people who are USERS.
Chinky Tan

How Can I Increase My Monthly Income?

What’s the most frustrating thing that has ever happened in your life? Maybe it’s these things…
Chinky Tan

Never Ever Invest Out of Fear

One of the most frequently asked question in my sessions is “Where can I invest my money?” If there is only one advice I can offer you, it is to never invest out of FEAR.

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