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Overseas-inspired family café reimagines new life in the Philippines | Butz Bartolome

After launching their KAFF store a few weeks before the COVID-19 global lockdown. Former ex-pat-founded Filipino café shares its journey, including all the bumps along the way.

Are Business Cards A Thing Of The Past? | Butz Bartolome

Good business relationships often start by giving out business cards.

The Challenges in Family Business Succession | Butz Bartolome

We are aware of how difficult it is to start a business. More so, to continue the business and hand it over to the next generation. Rough roads are likely to happen, and everyone should be united to strengthen the industry in any kind of business.

The Sacrifices Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur | Butz Bartolome

We all have dreamed of becoming successful one day. Some may prefer having a simple life, but we all know how times have become problematic. And to merely rely on our day job may not be sufficient to secure the family’s future. Therefore, the only way to be sure that we can save enough for the family’s immediate needs is to start our own business.

How To Spot A Good Franchise Business | Butz Bartolome

Many people always ask what is the best franchise business to invest in. Often the basis would be on the price, something affordable and within the range of one’s pocket. There are also those who, based on what one’s neighbor invested who are, in other words, just follow the leader.

Enhancing A Family Business | Butz Bartolome

The Philippines is a country with a tight-knit family relationship. In fact, extended family is evident. There may be four generations living under one roof. Living from a distance may not be a practice. Families of overseas Filipino workers tend to live nearby.

Building Your Business Empire | Butz Bartolome

What are your thoughts nowadays? Do you consider putting up a business?

Creative Ways on How To Attract Customers in a Snap | Butz Bartolome

As a business owner, you need to have a broader perspective on everything. To grow your business, you need to focus on three essential components

Coping with Entrepreneurial Stress | Butz Bartolome

We all have our fair share of stress every once in a while. And with how our lives have become busier, it is just too impossible not to feel all worn out after a day’s work. If I ask you now to rate how you are feeling, what would it be? What are the things that stress you out?

Understanding the Impact of Digital Technology | Butz Bartolome

Life has never been the same for all of us. Especially when technology has continuously given us a much easier time handling our everyday activities. – from the ever-evolving smartphones themselves – influencing us so much about getting connected to the whole world with just a click. This simple yet powerful means to reach all corners of the world has a significant impact on the business industry. Many entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of digital technology. So keeping updated with the trends has become a must to ensure that they get the most out of what is available and apply it to their businesses.

Getting Inspiration To Start Your Own Business | Butz Bartolome

Just thinking about how you can have your own business can get you sleepless nights. While the excitement might be hitting the ceiling, there is a reality that you should be aware of – and that is, it’s not going to be that easy.

The Business Environment with the Important P’s | Butz Bartolome

Most people nowadays are no longer relying on their day jobs. Some may be earning enough with their 9-5 jobs but grabbing every opportunity gives them an edge in building a brighter future for their families. And why not? Not everyone may be given a chance to earn as much as others and to be able to do more than what you usually do is something that should never be ignored.
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