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Armando Bartolome

Planning your business for the New Year

Business owners have common goals: to be able to sustain the needs of their family, to be able to provide the best products and services, and to become successful.
Armando Bartolome

The future of commerce is online

Digital technology has changed the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. Established businesses can't deny the fact that technology can help them increase their profits
Armando Bartolome

How to boost your business during Christmas

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) help grow the economy in various ways, such as creating jobs and providing affordable products and services.
Armando Bartolome

Running a family business: The pros and cons

Starting any kind business means a lot of work and dedication. It may be rewarding, but it also poses some risks and challenges along the way.
Armando Bartolome

Tips in joining a Christmas bazaar

In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts as early as September. Along with carols you hear shopping in malls, you will be hard-pressed to miss the numerous bazaars that sprout like mushrooms just about anywhere.
Armando Bartolome

Tips on redesigning marketing strategy to improve sales

Most start-ups don’t survive for five years, and this is because of several factors such as having insufficient funds, mismanagement, or the lack of knowledge and skills about the business.
Armando Bartolome

The benefits of mobile apps for business

Among the greatest gifts that technology gave to millennials are laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Nowadays, you will probably not find anyone without a mobile gadget.
Armando Bartolome

What is generation syndrome?

Starting a family business comes out of love, passion, dedication and strong commitment. The business has to go through so many struggles along the way
Armando Bartolome

How to start a business with the ‘right’ capital

You might be sitting at a coffee shop, looking at the many customers and you start to ask yourself: "What business can I begin with the right capital?"
Armando Bartolome

Consumers: Are You Well Taken Cared Of?

Consumers are individuals or households that consume goods and services generated within the economy. Since the word includes just about everyone
Armando Bartolome

5 major pitfalls of entrepreneurs

As a Business Mentor to a number of entrepreneurs, I have seen those who were successful and those who failed.
Armando Bartolome

The challenges for a young entrepreneur

We go through life differently. Some were born with a silver spoon in their mouths while others would turn their nights into days just to be able to provide the basic needs for their families.
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