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Chinkee Tan

Confessions of a Negative Person

What if I go bankrupt? What if I fail? What if nothing happens? Why do I always think of the negative? Why is it so hard to think about the positive? Are you tired of negative people?
Chinkee Tan

The Power of Belief

Are you losing heart? Are you losing confidence in yourself? Are you beginning to feel like you are not as good as the rest?
Chinkee Tan

What Do You Do When People Are Saying Hurtful Things About You?

Were you insulted? Were sarcastic remarks hurled your way? Were you hurt because of the words said about you? Words are powerful; it can bring life, it can kill.
Chinkee Tan

Pera o Bayong?

For most, the basis of a person’s success is his wealth. When a person is able to buy a new car, then he is successful. If he lives in a big house, he is successful.
Chinkee Tan

Success When Will You Be Mine?

We all want to become successful, but not everyone actually achieves it. For some, it remains to be a mere wish. The question is, how do we become successful?
Chinky Tan

“I’m So Ugly and Fat!”

Have you told yourself these words? Are you so down because you feel like your husband or boyfriend is going to leave you because of how you look now?
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Easily Give Up?

Have you ever experienced the following? You don’t want to continue just because you experienced a little inconvenience.
Chinkee Tan

Do Not Wait For Success

Are you still waiting for your big break? Are you growing weary of waiting for success to come your way? Have you done everything that you can to meet your goal to become successful?
Chinkee Tan

How To Get Over Pain

Have you experienced a pain? Have you been hurt? How did you face it? Did you just keep the pain to yourself, as if it didn’t happen? If your answer is yes, why are you avoiding it?
Chinkee Tan

Success is a Slow Process

When you feel hungry, what do you eat? “Instant noodles.” When you need to research about something, where do you go to? “Google, of course.”
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Without A Conscience?

Do you know of someone who doesn’t seem to have a conscience at all? I’m not just referring to criminals, but to those who hurt the feelings of others
Chinkee Tan

Do You Believe in Yourself?

Are you losing your self-confidence? Do your mistakes seem like they won’t ever end? Do you feel like you have no hope in making up for past failures?

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