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Chinkee Tan

Negativity Kills

You didn’t get the job, so you already think you’re a loser? You see someone whispering in the corner, so you already think they are gossiping about you?
Chinky Tan

An Open Letter to Children of OFW

Do you have a parent who is an OFW? Are you finding it difficult to accept the reality that they are physically absent and can’t journey with you as you are growing up?
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Love to Gossip?

Do you know of someone who doesn’t seem to have anything better to do than to talk about the lives of other people?
Chinkee Tan

How to Deal with a Rude Person

Do you know of someone who is rude? Someone who embarrasses you in front of others. Someone who shouts at you as if you don’t have any rights.
Chinkee Tan

Why You Shouldn’t Quit

"I give up! I quit!" "I can’t take it anymore!” “I don’t want to do it!" It is so easy to say these words when we are experiencing difficulties and challenges in life.
Chinkee Tan

It’s Not Good to be Lazy

Sleep late … Wake up late… Facebook all day… TV and gadget all day… Consistently unproductive. Do you know anyone who does absolutely nothing for the whole day?
Chinkee Tan

How Can We Overcome Failure

Have you ever failed in an exam? Have you experienced failing in your business? Have you ever failed in your relationships? Failure is a part of life.
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There Negative People in the World?

Can you somehow relate to these statements? We often hear these from people who somehow become happy when they are able to put down others
Chinkee Tan

How Can You Relate the Aldub Phenomenon to Marriage?

41 million tweets in 24 hours! 51% rating for the show Eat Bulaga, which is unprecedented in the entire history of advertising and TV.
Chinkee Tan

The root of Envy

It’s unfair! Why does she have it, but I don’t? You are luckier in life than I am. Why does he get all the good things? I wish I were he. Do you carry these sentiments?
Chinkee Tan

Why is it so difficult to stop a determined person?

Are you wondering how other people can do it? They don’t seem to give up whatever they are going through in life. They will face whatever problem or challenge head-on
Chinkee Tan

Everything Happens for a Reason…

I have a lot of memories of my recent trip to Ireland: the beautiful weather, the historical sites that date back to 1400s, the magnificent sceneries and landscapes.

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